Cumbres and Toltec News

One of the premier Engineer and Fireman multiday courses are held at the C&TS Railroad. Courses are 4 days, Day 1 is classroom instruction and hands on steam locomotive familiarization. Day 2-4 are three days over the railroad running steam.

In most years they run 6 or more schools, each school composed of sig engineers and 6 firemen. In 2023 due to a shortage of staff and locomotives courses have been cancelled but are expected to return in 2024.

The Wolsztyn Experience

The Wosztyn Exprience has been operating Hands-on-the-Throttle programs for 25 years. These multi day to multi week courses are perhaps the best in the world for its hands on steam locomotive experience.

Currently the program is suspended awaiting the repair of the first of its 3 operating steam locomotive. The Wolsztyn Experience is the subject of our first grant.

Below is the May update from Howard Jones

The Wolsztyn Experience has been operating its hands on the throttle courses for 25 years however we do not own any of the loco’s nor do we have direct control of the operation.   

We can only act on the information provided by the management which as a government concern like all such institutions is subject to bureaucracy and politics which is not suited for a steam operation.   An example of this is that the PT47 could have had its boiler repairs started in October 2021 (one year earlier) a last-minute cancellation slot meant that the workshops in the Czech Republic could have started work straight away – but the tendering requirement of a two month wait meant it missed its slot.   

Regular travelers will probably know this but for new patrons it is essential to understand why we have had this year a moveable feast with plans A then B then C etc etc   I have had to make my best guess without the full information as to the operating plan for this year and unfortunately I have also to contend with a long period of ill health.   

The current situation is that vintage diesels will operate to Leszno and Poznan from 12 June with diesel driving courses available until 2 September when the pt47 is planned to take over the Leszno and Poznan runs. However, I cannot guarantee this will not be subject to further delays and I will probably not be able to confirm this until July.   

On a positive note the governor of Wielkoepolska has confirmed the scheduled service operation for next year.   I am sorry this has been a difficult and frustrating year for our patrons   Naturally I will give an update on the operation in July. 

best wishes   

Howard Jones